About Us

Your friendly neighbourhood hygiene comfort. Our presence brings an experience of exclusive accessibility. We are team A*bundant !

Founded in the year 2021, we are a group of born enthusiasts of quality goods especially when it comes to wellbeing. Realizing that hygiene is the top level of priority in today’s society, we decided to share our passion with the community. After countless and collective experiences in formulating and testing, we came to a realisation that premium price tags do not always do justice to quality and ingredients as they might not perform as expected. 

As believers of positive vibes only, we are on a mission to have a brand that speaks fair pricing yet, beneficial to your wellbeing, especially to people who could see beyond the aesthetics and brand names, just like us. At A*bundant, we are committed and determined to share the luxury that we have discovered, the abundance of innovative inspiration driving the culture of well-being forward. 

After all, wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy the abundance of accessible exclusivity without paying premiums?